Your dream; Allow them to love you...Allow your heart to guide you

Allow them to love you... allow your heart to guide you ♥️♥️

A lot of us fail to pursue our dream because of other people’s opinions:

Our society
Our family
Our friends
Our partners


The last three weeks of my life were a clear example about how we choose to live and pursue our dreams.

Yes it’s a decision and a choice we make!

The amount of messages I got once I announced my visit to Jerusalem was insane.

Loving messages from friends and family asking me to admit:

That I’m crazy to be going there... going to “war zone” according to them 

That I’m a reckless human being


They were all loving messages♥️
They were showing me how they loved me.

But I had a different love language for myself…

Go Nevin!
Trust Nevin…
Trust that call in your heart!
Trust the opportunity!

And with Trust and Faith you meet nothing less than MAGIC!

Yes… Magic!!

And I believe All of You lived the Magic of the last three weeks with me.

Your Dream is a Seed in your own Heart, in your own soul and no one else!

Allow people to love you the way they know

But don’t forget to Love Yourself the way you Feel!

Yes, the way you Feel… Not the way you Think.


Because Your Heart knows the direction.

The dream is way bigger than your mind now… that’s why your present mindset can’t even grasp it. It simply believes it’s impossible

And it’s Your heart that will lead you to your North Star.

So Trust that soft whisper in your heart…

It’s the Divine’s voice!
Straight from the sky to your heart  ♥️ and it’s directly linked to your mission...

Pay attention… 
Connect, Listen and Follow

Allow them to love you
Allow your heart to guide you♥️


nevin elgendy