Ramadan's intentions'...LOVE more, CHANGE more and PERSIST!

Tomorrow marks the first day of Ramadan, The Islamic Holy fasting month.

A time to shift and experience our power to change; to get out of our routine and habits.

Your success lies in your daily habits and if you are not where you would like to be in life… Then change. But change is tough!! 

And here we are…

Every year we are given this opportunity to witness our capacity for changing our habits, and sure we can.

A huge factor in success is 'intentionality’.

So, this is my intention for this Holy month, a month were some of us make it an excuse to lose their temper and offer less love.

My intention for this month is to LOVE more, CHANGE to a better version of nevin and to PERSIST!

To continue my change journey; my clean diet shift and persist!

Join R.M. Drake and Nivo for setting this Ramadan intention, a month of more LOVE!

“You’re beautiful, not because you have beautiful face, but because the chaos stirs around you and still, you chose to love everyone the same. You take tragedies and turn them into gold. You know how others feel and you give people around you all the reasons they need to believe in love again, and that’s what makes you so Goddamm beautiful” R.M. Drake

And I add not because you have a beautiful body, why?

Because the diet post is about that Self love versus self judge”. Posting soon

You are beautiful because of your capacity to turn tragedies into gold!!!

Yes!! To a month of love
A month of miracles
A month to become the Miracle because YOU are the “miracle”.

A month to love yourself and love others.
A month to see the value in you and add more value to you.
A month to see the value in others and add more value to others.

This year too I will share the dedication of my first book titled “ BE” which is soon to be launched. We had some technical issues but on their way to be resolved.

‘BE is dedicated to...

Everyone who crossed my path; you helped me become the person I am today.
Everyone who loved me; you taught me love.

Everyone who hurt me; you taught me how to show up, to speak up and find the voice I lost for years.

You taught me how to love myself, by not allowing you to hurt me anymore.

You taught me how to love you, by not allowing you to hurt me anymore.

You taught me forgiveness.

You taught me how to set boundaries, with love not anger.

This is a book about showing up with love ❤’

So, let this month be:

A seed for MORE LOVE… 
A seed for MORE CHANGE

A Seed that will grow and extend into the rest of the year, to your entire life and every life you touch.

I guess by you know you know I don’t like generic greetings! 

I like to invest my heart in what I share
This is the message from my heart to your ♥️ ♥️

So Ramadan blessings from Istanbul till we meet second day of Ramadan in Inshallah in Cairo... yes the first day I will be alone but the next I won’t... this too will change ♥️

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