I was scared to fail...

I was scared to fail…

“I was convincing myself all the time that:

I am just not ready yet!
I don’t have to start now...
I need more & more preparation to ensure I’ll be able to succeed. 

‏When I started the Mastermind with Nevin “Sometimes you WIN sometimes you LEARN”
I set my intention to apply what I learned from, I started to own my problem and acknowledge that:

YESI have a huge “fear of failure”. 
I am concerned about “my image ”
What will people think and say about me; 

It was my PRIDE!!

Through the Mastermind sessions, I discovered:

“pride and attachment to success” PREVENTED me to learn a lot of new things...
To take risks!
To experience life fully!

Living this program and the rich discussions with Nevin and the group in our weekly sessions was a real eye-opener!

I Knew that I won’t really learn, move forward and achieve my dreams without “being humble”; it is the spirit of learning.

My pride won’t serve me anymore. I decided to make THE SHIFT, and honestly, it turned out to be very POWERFUL and LIBERATING.

Today I am starting my “new career in coaching” with this new mindset...

Connected to my power...
Liberated from an inner voice, which used to tell me “I am not good enough”

Now I trust!

I am open to learning from whatever is coming, listening to Nivo saying “jump and grow your wings on the way”

And this is how I’m succeeding now!!”

Galila Aly 

Well done Galila congrats for your practice launch!

A new round of mastermind due soon
Challenge your fear of failure, gain your freedom and become alive in your life!
This is what Galila achieved through the program and so can you!

For details and to reserve your spot pls email nevin@nivoforlife.com

Limited space due to active participation in order to “live it not just learn it “

Weekly accountability and actions.

We only create our new life when we discover the old limiting beliefs, shift them and follow them by new actions!

We hold the space for each other and this is how we change and co-create with the divine our heartfelt desired life.

For details and reservation Email nevin@nivoforlife.com


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